proof that Morrissey is behind MorrisseysWorld

This blog shows you the proof that Morrissey is behind MorrisseysWorld or which has now been running since 2009 but with a long break until early 2011. The blog has been referred to by morrissey at a live concert in London, he has made the blog's predictions come true and it has even been covered by the UK Observer and mentioned by morrissey not once but TWICE! - WRONG! THREE TIMES as of 14th sep! THREE TIMES!

Here I'm going to present the evidence that it is Morrissye's blog

AND current pledges made by the blog and comment on when they come true.

That way people will be able to see for themselves as evidence builds. Many of us are already convinced, especially since Moz appeared on twitter as @Morrisseysworld.

Sunday, 5 August 2012

1 moz denies it's his blog when noone knows it exists 2 moz fulfils shirt pledge unexpectedly and quotes justin bieber from never say never tour 1 week after blog posts on here reviews never say never dvd - proven 3 kitty empire of bbc accuses morrissey of running blog 4 morrisey denies it's him a second time! 5 blog says us tour imminent, a couple of days later us tour announced 6 blog says moz will 'appear' with white rose - 2 weeks later magazine released features linder and has white rose by morrissey's name in article! 7 blog posts weir collage or celebrities with hands cupped into strange shape, thought to be masonic symbol. Bieber had both hands cupped around eyes like binoculars. 1 month later Morrissey adopts the same pose as bieber and morrisseysworlder photographs it from the audience! 8 you'd think by now the world would be convinced - but no! 9 moz denies it's him a third time!!!!! 10 morrisseysworld tweeets that YOR is my finest album on 26th dec 2011 11 on 27th dec 2011 moz posts list of finest albums with yor at number 1 - i mean come the fuck on! 12 morrisseysworld tweets he might well tour argentina - 1 wek later highly unexpected argentinian dates announced! 13 morrissey denies it's him for a 4ht time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 14 morrissey STILL hasn't got the site shut down btw, and he still KEEPS making its pledges come true. 15 back in 2011 mw blogged a joke that he might wear his finger plaster even after his finger has healed to symbolise personal suffering of journey. on early 2012 tour dates he had no plaster off stage but wore it on stage 16 boz boorer in french maid's outfit for a year on this blog.. in 2012 moz has him dressed in drag 17 the blog posts a huge collage of more celebs doing the strange hand sign..... 18 it says moz is the all seeing eye and posts a pic of him doing it 19 at the next show moz does the sign blatantly like never before, closes one eye and holds it up in front of his face, then he pulls a face and sgtares at his hand lilke he didn't make his hand just do that!!!! 20 this STILL ISN'T ENOUGH! 21 so he does it again TWICE at the next show! 22 we later find out he picked up a red rose in pomonta, fulfilling that elusive red rose pledge!!!!! He fulfilled it, reopening the blog! 23 then he closes down blog in absence of a white rose or other specific signs.. 6 days later morrissey PICKS UP A WHITE ROSE!!! watch it all on the list of prophecies on morrisseysworld 24 moz denies 4 times it's his blog - this was actually predicted on the blog if you look 25 moz denied it's his blog during an interview - that was one of the suggested ways of proving it was him during the mz poll!!! 26 boz boorer (official) tweeted mw 27 mw has now exchanged 5 or 6 tweets with kristeen young, his support on this tour! Just look! 28 the morrissey facebook page makes a reference to mw by joking about 'coincidences' 29 moz refers to kristeen as having legs and arms of plywood - reference to log lady list goes on and on and on.... 30 tie with blue rose 3 days after log lady said he'd be photographed smiling (he was) with blue rose 31 sign for blog to continue = band with lump of wood, wearing 'cosh' t shirts (cosh = lump of wood!) 32 tty letter mentioning roses. 33 after months of morrisseysworld asking "who exactly is morrisseysworld?" moz asks "who is morrissey?" with tour photograph WOW - This is getting ridiculous!!!!!